The Albucoop have hundred  and five cars  in Albufeira, our fleet is modern.
The average fleet age is around 4 years. Where always checking the general
condition of the cars,because a car in poor condition also generates a bad
costumer service. This way we elevate our service of maintenance and indirectly
your safety and convenience by requiring taxis with a good maintenance and
clean.. Almost all cars in our fleet are equipped with air conditioning, further
increasing your comfort.
  There are also vehicles for up to 8 passengers.

        Where to find a Taxi in Albufeira ?

Taxis provide services in the city from a taxi stand or from the place that the call can be made by the customer,
they are identified by their color and display at the top green-FREE  or red-BUSY (with the number of tariff )
These taxis have two colors, beige or black with a green roof, these are the color of traditional Portuguese
taxi, the taxi owners can choose between these two colors. When they buy their taxis. They can take up to 8
setter cars, but usually they are 4 setter cars. The taxis use the meter to calculate the cost of travel, 
according to the distance, number of persons ( up to 4 or even 8), time of day and day of week.
  ( taxi ranks)

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