Operator / Telephonist - personalized service

Our team is at your disposal for 24 hours
per day, even on weekends and holidays, we are
waiting for your call.
Team formed by professionals, with  a taxi
certificate, we use a modern system of
computer with identification of telephone calls
and automatic vehicle search for greater fluidity
of service with modern radio equipment in the
identification of cars allow us to increase
their safety.
We have highly trained telephonists
to provide our customers with quality
service, ensuring speed, sending the taxi more
the requested address.

                                             Tel- (351) 289583230/2

  IVR - automatic call answering

The Automatic Reservation module allows you to
automatic answering system for pre-recorded messages
to book a service without having to speak to
an operator. The customer simply calls a
specific phone number and makes the reservation using the
Once the customer selects the desired options  the system
confirms at the same time that your booking has been processed.
The goal is to provide immediate and prompt service to customers
usual, such as hotels, restaurants, etc.



The saturation problems of the radio taxi
increasing problem in all the Algarve cities in the period of
One of the ways of solution is to ensure that a large number of
services are reserved directly by the customer through the
Internet, with clear advantages for all.
For this, the authorized customer (Hotel-Bars-etc)
radio-taxi and access the automatic booking system via the Internet
where he can place his order and receive confirmation
of your ON-LINE reservation in real time.


  App - Smartphone
A unique application in which any customer who has
an Iphone or Android Smartphone can make a reservation
by means of your Smartphone for free
fast and immediate.
To do this, the client only needs to install the application
on your Smartphone, and with a simple operation you can
make taxi reservations in seconds from your Smartphone ..
(download )


  Taxis Squares

You can also take a taxi in any of our taxi stands
or even on the street as long as there is no taxi rank in
( see here )

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